My current instructors that have not been included on this  tree will be added on, one at a time as soon as I have enough time in their systems.

James Kovacich
Kempo Ju Jitsu
Beikoku Fighting Systems

Beikoku Fighting Systems which is the result of many years of martial art cross-training dating back to 1973, is primarily based on the "way of the fist" and secondarily on the "grappling and edged weapon fighting arts" arts but over the years has been influenced by many arts and instructors. Beikoku Fighting Systems is continually achieving its goal of evolving into a "total fighting solution."

Grandmaster Lou Angel a devoted member of the World Head of Family Sokeship Council and founder of The Tenshi Goju Kai and NCMA - National College of Martial Arts International has recognized James Kovacich in 2002 as Master Instructor / 5th Degree Black Belt / head of his own fighting system, Kempo Ju Jitsu, and promoted James to 6th Degree Black Belt in 2007 and 7th Degree Black Belt in 2014.

The red divider designates that the Instructor
was not certified to teach.
The gray divider designates verbal or written permission was given to teach.
Grandmaster Greg Lagera
Crazy Dragon Fighting Arts
and Godfather to
Renegade-Kajukenbo No Holds Barred
Mixed Style Martial Art - A Hybrid Blend of
Crazy Dragon Kajukenbo & Kempo Ju Jitsu

Bill Caspillo

Al Caspillo
The black divider designates having their instructors blessing to teach their own system.
Lou Angel
Tenshi Goju Kai / NCMA and
Rob Wilson
Bujutsu Taiho
Zen Karate Do
and Undefeated Full Contact Kumiuchi Fighter
Tarow "Ty" Hayasashi
Founder of
Bujutsu Taiho and Kumiuchi
Peter Urban
The Father of ALL American Goju Systems
Gogen "The Cat" Yamaguchi
Goju Kai
Chojun Miyagi
Goju Ryu
Kanryo Higaonna
and highest authority of Naha Te
Xie Zhong Xiang
Ryu Ryu Ko
Whooping Crane
Gung Fu
Felix Macias Jr.
Oakland Jeet Kune Do
Felix Macias Sr.
Oakland Jeet Kune Do
James Yimm Lee
Sil Lum Gung Fu
Wing Chun Gung Fu
Oakland Jeet Kune Do
Lee Jun Fan - Bruce Lee
Wing Chun Gung Fu &
Founder Jeet Kune Do
Yip Man
Grandmaster Wing Chun