In 1959, after having studied Judo, Jiu-Jitsu, Isshin-Ryu and Shokotan karate, Hanshi Lou Angel was introduced to Grandmaster Peter Urban. Master Urban had already studied under Master Gogen Yamaguchi in Japan. Hanshi Angel was so impressed with the Goju system of karate that he too adopted it as his lifelong art of choice. Hanshi Angel's first school opened in 1960 in Brooklyn, New York under Peter Urban. Though quite successful, Hanshi Angel decided to spread Goju into the Midwest because no one was teaching karate there at the time. In 1961, Hanshi Angel opened a new dojo in Tulsa, Oklahoma. This was the first school in Oklahoma, and perhaps the Midwest.

Like his teacher, Master Urban, Hanshi Angel traveled to Japan in 1963 to study under Master Yamaguchi. Master Yamaguchi awarded Hanshi Angel the rank of San Dan, 3rd Degree Black Belt, and made Hanshi Angel Southwest Branch Instructor for the Goju-Kai. Under Master Urban, Hanshi Angel was awarded the rank of 4th Degree Black Belt in 1967, which he wore for over twenty years as a leader in the martial arts, pioneering karate in the Midwest through teaching and promoting tournaments. Many noted American martial artists first appeared in Hanshi Angel's competitions. The legendary Mike Stone made his competitive debut in 1963 at Lou Angel's First American Karate Tournament in Tulsa, Oklahoma.

In 1987, after forming the Tenshi Goju Kai, Angel was awarded the title of Hanshi, with the rank of 10th Dan. Hanshi Angel is recognized by his teacher, Peter Urban, as the Hanshi of the Tenshi Goju Kai. He was awarded the title of Founder and Head of Family by the World Soke Council, the most prestigious Grand Masters Society in the world. In 1996 he was named the Grand Master of the Year.

In 1989, Hanshi Angel founded the National College of Martial Arts, an international governing body for martial artists of all styles and backgrounds. Members of the N.C.M.A. can be found as far away as Australia, Saudi Arabia, Europe, the Philippines, and Canada! Through this organization, Hanshi Angel not only spreads his own method of Karate, Tenshi Goju, but also helps other members of his martial arts family spread their knowledge as well.